about company

       Founded in 2019, we are world-wide digital reading aggregator, producer and provider platform. We focus on enriching consumers lives and improving everyday joy with tremendous content of spoken-word entertainment, audiobooks and ebooks, picture books. All these digital audio content will be released on our APP.

       The major co-founders of Lazy Joy are experts, who are with 20-years experience veteran in internet audio book and spoken-entertainment industry from Qingting FM, Audible (Amazon), Huawei, Microsoft etc, in China and oversea. They have ingested tens of thousands of content from USA, UK, Germany, Russia, Mid-East, Australia, etc. Founder of Chinese auidobook channel in Audible (An Amazon company), Audiobook APP in Huawei Music APP which covers 200 million users. CEO is also a member of APA (Audio Publishers’ Association) in NY, USA, working as a culture bridge for different languages audio content all over the world; audiobook and book lover who finished more than 1500 titles.

       Book, the most important carrier of human Civilization, while the audio is company-media, by combining them together, the audiobook users can easily absorb content and enjoy the life with no eyes keeping and hands carrying. Different with Film and TV or video, reading ebook and listening audiobook can bring individuation feelings to each private. “There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people's eyes. (--Shakespeare) “ With the 5G mobile internet technology fast growing, the digital reading is now being the best customer experiences in the world.

       Lazy Joy has been collaborating with large partners of China brand smart phone companies, unicorn internet companies, and big global Content Providers. “Content is always the king!” is Lazy Joy’s strategy, which leads us to bring brilliance works to all consumers in the world.

Joy yourself with Reading in life!